Technology Expo’s info

That is right! Microsoft has unveiled a new XBOX! and it is coming soon! I personally cannot wait. Although E3 has not started, it is a great time to look into your favorite stops  ( products) and get ready to follow the internets yellow brick road of information!

be sure to check back!


Quality of Technology- Loss of devices rant

Remember when you bought your first cellular device in the early 2000’s? I had one for over 3 years! It was this sweet little Nokia cellphone; I was able to change the back, add a battery that lit up, and a face plate that was clear and flashed so many different colors (Yes I was this excited, i still am)!  It was the coolest little thing I had back in the early 2000’s ( aside from the PDA I had for a few weeks!).

Remember that Sega genesis you still have in your attic? I bet it still works, My Dreamcast and PlayStation however… yea…

What was it about older technology that allowed it to have such a long ” inactive” and “actively used” life span? This is a post calling for better technology, not just the hottest internal tech, but give us something that will last! I want my next smart phone (Google is teaming with this company to work on this Project Ara <Really neat, must check it out.> to last longer than 6 months or a year. I want my next console, to last longer than 2 years, and I would love my next pc to last me at least 3 years (oh wait, I built mine; Bit of advice, get one custom built for your needs, and for goodness sakes! They will not give you 1 million dollars if you sign up and allow them to view your webcam).


An honest disclosure, we are not idiots.. We know things break with misuses and degrade over time.. but when cellphones are made soo thin and wide and big and WTF… why in the world does it have to bend?  DO YOU NOT TEST FOR THIS ISSUE?  DO YOU?